With Dr. Steven Farmer at The Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo.
With Stanton Freedman at the Alien Cosmic Expo – Toronto 2015
With Richard Dolan at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2015
With Linda Moulton Howe at ACE 2018
With Travis Walton at ACE 2017
With Canada’s Ex-Defence Minister Paul Hellyer at ACE2015
With Suzy Hansen at ACE 2017
Dr. Steven Greer standing behind me.
Partying with Kevin Estrella, Grant Cameron and Nancy Tremaine.
With Yanick Aumond at Montana’s in Toronto on the Airport Strip
Nancy Tremaine, Kevin Estrella and Yanick Aumond at the Alien Cosmic Expo.
With Jason Quitt and Monica at ACE 2019
With Captain Randy Cramer
Playing at 1,000 Musicians Concert at Fireman’s Park in Niagara Falls.
At 1,000 Musicians Concert in Niagara Falls with Jim Carey’s sister.
With Kevin Estrella having breakfast at ACE 2019
With Greg Godovitz and a Female Experiencer at ACE 2018
At ACE 2018
Jamming with Susan Collins at the ACE 2018
With Susan Collins at ACE 2018