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My long awaited book is finally here! Much of the content of my story may seem pretty bizarre to those who aren’t familiar with the the UFO abduction phenomenon. I am well aware of this. It’s why it has taken me over 45 years to finally go public with my story. When my case was first investigated in 1983 by Budd Hopkins and then followed up by the Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN), I chose not to reveal my real name for fear of ridicule.

So, I was given the pseudonym ‘Jack T.’ by one of the three CUFORN investigators that did a very thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the claims that I had made. It was an amazing journey of self-discovery for me as well, as I went through many regressive hypnosis sessions, both in Manhattan, NY and Toronto, Ontario to retrieve the suppressed memories that lay buried in my subconscious mind.

I have been asked why I needed so many hypnosis sessions to recall the incidents that I had experienced. It is because the ‘grey’ beings I encountered use a hypnotic technique to conceal any lingering memories of their presence. This is why so many abductees, or experiencers as they are now called, experience ‘missing time’ after an encounter with them. The effect of this technique is so effective, that the memories are wiped almost immediately with a simple post-hypnotic suggestion such as, “When you return to your vehicle, you will have no memory of us, or this incident.”

Because of this, there could be millions of people currently living that have had multiple encounters with these beings over many years, that may live out their entire lives never realising that anything has ever happened to them. You could be one of them. The beings prefer it this way. This way they can interact with us in secrecy without us ever being aware. If people are are somewhat traumatised by an encounter with them, they are usually more than happy to forget the incident.

One of the biggest problems with the memory wipe, is that the each time you experience an encounter with them, it feels like the first time again and you experience that initial terror of having an encounter with the unknown all over again. Once you meet them and you are assured that you won’t be harmed, the fear usually subsides. These are the kinds of topics discussed in my book, Beyond the Extraterrestrial Firewall – An Experiencers Point of View, along with my personal encounters with these beings during the early part of my life. Order your copy today!